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the body in itself is a magical vehicle

systems in systems, layers after layers

mind, body, spirit

connective tissue

all in all

fluids - circulating

heart - beating

cellular voltage

and bones


energetic layers

moving and manifesting the physical

meridians, nadis, chakras, dan tians

san bao

evolving beings

connected to the way

we always have been

while moving

shedding skin

releasing, transmuting, allowing,

overcoming obstacles

pain and triggers

brightening the load

what treatments do i offer?

i offer


with or without needles,

 gua sha and cupping therapy,

qi work and transformational work.

everything is connected.

the tools are used according to the set.

i offer remote or in person treatments.


within the vast space of ancient chinese and japanese style medicine and daoist knowledge...

i work with

resonance, presence and openness

of the heart space.

i use concepts like

無為 wúwéi and tong

for my treatments observing

the movement of 氣 qi

what can you expect from a treatment?

each consultation starts with a talk and anamnesis to set the focus, direction and dimension for the treatment.

my approach is holistic so it includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

once we condensed everything and we know which areas need improvement we can start the treatment.

the treatment has its individual flow.

every treatment is a dialogue.

if the resonance is felt and observed

the flow starts by itself and the treatment ends,

when the resonace has settled into a feeling of relaxation, balanced openess and grounded peace.

some people like to talk about the sensations they feel, some just enjoy a kind of trance state, near falling asleep, yet clearly awake . there is no right or wrong.

how long is a treatment?

the initial session is

 90 minutes long.

i would like to get to know you and your needs

before the treatment.

within the initial session the first treatment is included.

follow up sessions

 are mostly 60 minutes in time.

they can vary depending on your needs.


how much does a treatment cost? 

the hourly rate is 80 Euros.

you can pay in cash,

via bank transfer or with paypal.

if you need to pay more or less,

please get in contact with me .

do you want to book a treatment?


i am happy to connect with you!


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