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Franz Kratochwil, earth healing, meditation, bodywork, tcm, chinese medicine, Chinesische Medizin, Akupunktur, Heilpraktiker, Behandlungen, manuelle Therapie, Gua Sha, Schröpfen, Moxibustion, Schmerzbehandlung, Karmatransformation, Transformationsarbeit, Change Management, Raum halten, Freude, Leichtigkeit, Entwicklung, Seelenarbeit, soul, body, mind, spirit, tong, shen, qi, jing, presence, allowing, becoming, embodiment, soul journey, systemic work, business consultant, consultant, recharging, regenerating, revitalizing, stability, awareness, expansion, rootedness, grounding, nature, healing nature, elements, 5 elements, the way, dao, taoism, soul expansion, fulfillment, abundance, peace, contemplation, manifesting joy love and happiness, manifesting overflow of abundance, health, graditude, awareness, connection, heart opening, selfhealing


the body in itself is a magical vehicle

systems in systems, layers after layers

mind, body, spirit

connective tissue

all in all

fluids circulating

heart beating

cellular voltage

and bones


energetic layers

moving and manifesting the physical

meridians, nadis, chakras, dan tians

san bao

evolving beings

connected to the way

we always have been

while moving

shedding skin

releasing, transmuting, allowing,

overcoming obstacles

pain and triggers

brightening the load

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