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Abundance in every aspect is flowing in and ankering the golden field of Ra-consiousness. This space is deeply connected to amenti and its multidimensional portals. generating joy, blessings, abundance, freedom and love in peace and harmony. golden rays are radiating out of that field and anker unity consiousness into existance, grounding this golden field and golden light, whereever this energy gets in contact, clearing all forms of resistance and division from unity consiousness in lightness and love of the heartspace. this field is free, wide and open. its peacful and compassionate nature redeems all forces that are not in alignment of unity consiousness. Nothing can harm this field anymore, it is ankered in all dimensions and all times for the highest purpose of unity consiousness. the energy is constantly radiating outwords and into the earth grid bringing healing, blessings and miracles to all there is. in graditude and love! and so it is.


the sun behind the sun

is shining its light into a golden field

from which everything,

that is not seen

is able to empower and integrate


is it in you,

or are you in it?

how does this collective body make

you feel and act?

is this you or the role you play?

reanacting a history of imprints?


in a dialogue

step by step

we are clearing the space


lightness, joy

and abundance

in times of deep cellular change

for everything and everyone



honoring the collective bodies

that have

their own way

their own path

their own alignment

their own heart

their own soul


walking a golden path


what do i offer?


house and space clearing

change management and

systemic work for

groups and enteties.

hourly rate 160,00 Euro


or in person


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